Specialist Executive Search,

Professional Recruitment & HR Consulting 

We exist to help businesses achieve their objectives through their people.

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The Lawson HR Group comprises specialist Executive Search, Professional Recruitment and HR Consulting companies.​

We are well known for recruiting Chief Executives and leadership teams across businesses, not for profits, and professional Associations. We also have a number of specialist teams that are leaders in their sectors.

We understand the importance of applying rigorous processes in order to achieve quality outcomes. We support our methodology with innovation and intellect to help our clients achieve their short and long-term goals, while significantly mitigating risk.

The Lawson HR Group strives to reflect values which are represented in our published research papers on diversity, flexibility, risk mitigation and strengths-based leadership.​

What ties us all together is the unwavering commitment to our vision: to be the most caring, capable, and considerate recruitment company in Melbourne.

Meet the Lawson HR Group

Meet the Lawson HR Group


Insights & Whitepapers

Interview Guide.png

Interview Guide for Interviewers

How to structure a successful interview, whether to interview alone or with a colleague, and the value in providing feedback.


Interview Guide for Interviewers

A practical resource guide outlining tools and advice regarding the effective recruitment and onboarding of new staff.

Philosophy of Self Determination.png

Interview Guide for Interviewers

The concept of the "Will to Power" which focuses on an individual's creative power to change, and make change, for the better.

Understanding Unconscious Bias.png

Interview Guide for Interviewers

Unconscious bias affects every recruitment process. Understand your innate prejudices to implement strategies to mitigate its influence.

LHRG-MH (1).png

Interview Guide for Interviewers

Our whitepaper discusses the lessons learnt in 2020 and practical steps that leaders can take to create a thriving workplace.